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My Name is Abhijit Mishra, I am a IT Professional and a social entrepreneur. I was suffering from Psoriasis(an autoimmune skin disease). When it was just started in some part of my body, I got a shock when my medical doctor said it is not curable. But slowly slowly over a period of time it spread all over my body(it was horrible).  After that I started with Homeopathy Medication, It gave me some results, but it was not completely gone. While doing research about this disease, got to know more about autoimmune disease. I was fortunate to get connected with WMR community which was the real turning point of my life. WMR Wellness Coaches, helped me to start with a 90-days personalized health program identifying the areas I need to focus on achieving optimal health. They taught me how building an strong wellness practice can help us beat/prevent any diseases(especially chronic disease) in this world. Like they said, "Wellness-You need to EARN IT". E-Daily Exercise, A-Positive Mental Attitude, R-Adequate Rest and most important N-Nutrition and Spirituality. After following these wellness practices along with proper supplementation everyday for 90days, it became a daily habit of my life and I understood the importance of Protein, Vitamins and Minerals for a healthy body. I am now completely free from Psoriasis and living a empowered life. One message I can give from my experience, Make your Health a Priority, Invest on it today to live a Happy life Tomorrow!



I had a very oily skin and I tried number of face washes, cleansers, beauty products etc. but none of it seems to be working. Either I used to get pimples or my skin was dull after every skin treatment. It was in 2015 when I got to know Pratyush as a wellness coach. He guided me with some healthy changes in my diet & skin care routine. Later on, through him I got to know about WMR wherein the expertise is available for all health concerns. I m very thankful to him for helping me get a vibrant skin and bright life


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Hi everyone,


I am Sanchan Tiwari, a housewife and entrepreneur, from Visakhapatnam. 

I observed red patches and etching on my both feet in Aug 2019. My skin being sensitive, I thought it's itching due to hot and humid weather. But it started worsening as skin got dry, hard with minor cracks and pain.


The Dermatologist diagnosed it Psoriasis, and recommended medicines. I continued with medicines for about six months without much of relief. On next visit, I was prescribed to use Multivitamins, Omega-3 and three ointments with advice that there is no cure


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This was about a year and a half ago, where my skin was in its worst condition. It has become sensitive to a stage where I couldn't speak due to the worsening of pimples. At that stage, I was fortunate enough to be suggested to use Amway attitude activ pimple control facewash, and insta nourish attitude moisturizer. After using the same for a while, I saw a drastic difference in my skin condition. It has become healthier and felt very light on the skin. In the starting, I was a little hesitant to believe that, just using some facewash would reduce my pimples. But my journey through the same is a clear example that these products are not some random products. With these, I was also suggested to use nutrilite protien powder to have healthier skin and hair, which did not only help me with

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